University Programs up Social Media Presence

The University of Georgia has been expanding its presence on every social media platform. You can connect and interact with networks within UGA for athletics, colleges, alumni and more. Originally it was just Facebook, but now almost every college has their own twitter profile, LinkedIn, YouTube channel and (the fastest growing platform) Instagram.

In the past year, UGA made so many social networks for different communities on campus that they made a website listing all the colleges, programs, clubs, etc. and their various forms of social accounts you can follow. Click here to check them out and join a community that interests you or maybe you’re already a part of:

Take for example the Terry College of Business’s Instagram campaign this past summer to showcase students’ summer internships.


A newer addition to UGA’s social media presence is the Entrepreneurship Program’s Instagram. The Entrepreneurship program just started a promotional giveaway campaign called Dawg Tag Tuesday. Following the trend of local and big businesses of offering free giveaways in return for commenting the username of a few of your friends. The program then takes all these new names and reaches out to them to follow them and have them follow back on more than one platform, ultimately increasing the reach and influence of the programs’ social media presence.


Local student living business, The Mark, recently employed a similar campaign to giveaway concert tickets. The business uses the same technique to acquire more usernames of people in the area that they can now reach out to and connect with on various social platforms. The increase of their social media influence and network size justifies the cost of the giveaway.


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