IKEA’s Savage V-Day Ads

Free Crib for Valentine’s Babies50706_303lowe_ikea_vd_15x5

Lets start with this marketing masterpiece. It seems like IKEA is going to have to give away hundreds of these things, as if procreation wasn’t already encouraged enough on February 14th, now young couples can view it as an easy $99. However, the date is very specific. Note that the child must be born EXACTLY 9 months from today for the offer to be valid. The number of cribs they would have to give away would be astronomically larger had the only stipulation been the date of conception.

Even though the promotion is free, IKEA is getting young families to use their furniture as the first piece they introduce to the new addition in their lives. The baby will grow up physically surrounded by IKEA and the couple is more likely to buy other IKEA products for their blooming family when they come in to claim their crib.  The more people IKEA can encourage other people to make, the more furniture will be needed in the world.

Creative Bedding


Not quite sure how the bookshelf would work… but this hilarious, creative ad certainly speaks to the durability and confidence IKEA has in their small, lightweight products.  Why even buy a regular mattress when you can spend all day translating Swedish and putting together a coffee table with your significant other, and then promptly snap a leg off getting carried away? IKEA certainly is known for a being innovative and creative and on this special occasion they are encouraging their customers to be the same.

Chairs in a Compromising Position


Someone’s gonna get a splinter with this one. I’m not sure what IKEA’s suggesting here…but man those chairs look sleek and sturdy. Gotta give it to the Swedish again for leaving very little room for interpretation. Beyond their peculiar stacking ability, these chairs appear both cheap and functional. If you didn’t want a normal, living-room chair before, now you’re thinking of different ways you could use them. Which of these ads is your favorite?


13 thoughts on “IKEA’s Savage V-Day Ads

  1. These ads are hilarious! This is my first time seeing them, and I’m surprised they haven’t gotten more attention. They’re clever and showcase Ikea’s array of furniture, allowing viewers to form a positive image of the brand. My favorite of the 3 ads was probably the one with the chairs in a compromising position, because it was so simplistic and the way they arranged the chairs was too perfect.


  2. This is a pretty hilarious and clever campaign. With a brand as well known as IKEA, they constantly have to step out of boundaries to make sure their brand can stay in consumers’ minds. It also encourages people to buy IKEA furniture and have a foundation set in the child’s mind as they grow. Well done IKEA!


  3. The phrase “sex sells” is coming on strong in these ads. I think IKEA really blows away the competitors with this tactic. Since they’re in the furniture industry, bigger is better right? I feel like the longer the ad bursts the better for these. The potential customers really are going to eat up these ads. But, they should be careful. This could give IKEA a certain kind of reputation.


  4. This is so hilarious. I love Ikea so much already. I think that they are such an amazing brand & I love when they do hilarious stuff like this. It really appeals to their target market (young parents). So smart!!!!!


  5. This is hysterical. This is an awesome promotion of the free kid especially to young couples who are thinking about having kids. I could see people viewing this promo as “challenge accepted.” The creative bedding ad had my dying laughing… I had to really look at it for a bit to realize what it was trying to say! Hats off to Ikea.


  6. Personally, I appreciate this. I can see how some people would also be kind of offended, though. It’s really funny for that target demographic– I love the crib ad. The chairs ad is not-so-subtly sexual and gets the point across without being vulgar. It’s definitely a creative campaign if anything is to be said about it. I would like to see what kind of results came from this.


  7. Wow. I don’t know whether to laugh out loud of feel really uncomfortable…or both. Gotta love IKEA’s innovative marketing strategy. It’s snarky and definitely grabs the attention of the reader. This was a well written article. Thank you for enlightening us all. Who knew IKEA was full of hopeless romantics!


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