Marketing Facepalms

Today we will take a look at some of the most disastrous, un-thought-out marketing campaigns we’ve ever seen.

Lets start with IHOP

A traditional, American breakfast diner got some unwanted attention on social media when an incompetent employee tweeted this:


I get it. Some males look at their breakfast food and can’t help but to think of women’s anatomy. Nevertheless, should IHOP be branding themselves as the restaurant for immature fraternity boys to eat at after a long night of shaming women for self-esteem? Probably not.

At least someone in charge had the sensibility to tweet this shortly after an uproar:


Can IHOP recover from this? What were they even trying to gain from the misguided misogyny? Is this apology enough for their customer?

Bud Light forgets inherent problems with alcohol consumption

Bud Light’s “Up For Whatever” campaign truly highlighted the brands ability to be callous to the effects its product has on social interactions. While it seems they had good intentions in mind to promote care-free fun, their consumer could take some of their slogans the wrong way.


Taking away the ability to say “No” hardly seems care-free, especially if the consumer is intoxicated and cannot think rationally already. Another classic example of not thinking through who the consumer is and what state they are in when consuming. The few females that drank Bud Light before this campaign, surely steer clear of it now. #UpForVerbalConsent


Mike’s Hard Lemonade

What is there to even say about this. If you’re going to be cheeky and spin-off a cliche, make sure you don’t do it in a way that can lead to property damage. Mike’s Hard was literally asking for this one. What genius had the idea to put this ad at a bus stop? Maybe a billboard would be understandable, where it would be harder to break, but instead Mike’s Hard is now promoting vandalism along with alcohol consumption. A great combination.


Note: Always keep in mind the location of your advertisements before you decide what to say.


Bloomingdale’s becomes the next victim of marketing date rape

Why this is a trend in marketing failures, I do not know. But we all do know, that while sex sells, unwanted sex does not. So what was Bloomingdale’s trying to convey in this clothing ad? What does it even have to do with the brand and the clothing pictured? Can I only wear Bloomingdale’s if I’m a class A creep?


Note: They probably won’t be your best friend anymore, no matter how stylish your suit is.


Honorable Mentions

1. New Coke

2. Jagermeister’s ‘Killer’ Pool Party

3. Pepsi brings back your dead ancestors

Fun Friday Post – Pepsi Brings Your Ancestors Back from the Dead!

4. Heinz’s XXX QR codes



2 thoughts on “Marketing Facepalms

  1. #UpForVerbalConsent <<< High five for that one. It looks like feminism is nonexistent in some of these companies, but it's coming in strong from you Chance. #thankful #yomammaletyoudate


  2. ^^^ Kate pretty much summed up the issue that most of these companies are running into with their “clever” campaigns. The problem is that these marketers think that going after the millennials is how to build brand loyalty for the long term. But, they can not forget that all of these sarcastic or sexual innuendos affects their current customer base that is losing respect for the brand for poor taste.


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