New Trends in Digital Marketing


With more wearable devices like Apple Watch, Google Glass and Snapchat Spectacles, more sophisticated apps and smartphones are being built every day, and digital marketing is finding new ways to keep up. Local marketing, email marketing, content marketing, SEO and social media are all maturing. The digital marketing field is exponentially expanding as our world becomes increasingly more digital, day after day. Let’s take a look at some of the trends 2017 has shown so far.


Email Marketing

Less text and more conversational.

Email campaigns are becoming more personal with shorter messages and an informal style. They are more likely to have chat features at the bottom to invite customer feedback and questions. Heat mapping is being used more to determine which parts of the message or headlines users are looking at more. Email marketing is becoming more automated and compatible with mobile phones, as that becomes the most used way of viewing emails. Studies show that in 2017, 68% of internet traffic will be generated by mobile devices.

content seo


Search Engine Optimization is becoming increasingly important as businesses narrow down ways to be more visible and accessible online. Schema is making it easier to find websites with any query. Google uses schema with its Quick Answers algorithm, which has grown in usage by the firm by 18% in the last 2 years. Schema makes content easier for Google to understand and therefore, easier to relate to user queries.

Google has introduced a new AI in the SEO realm called RankBrain. RankBrain analyzes the context around each word being searched which affects the rank in which results appear. Bing and Facebook are also trying to update their ranking algorithms as well, as everyone wants to be the best search engine for the user. Pay Per Click or PPC marketing seems to have plateaued as SEO driven, optimized advertisements begin to take over.


Social Media Marketing

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are seeing a huge increase in brand ambassadors. Athletes are becoming more prevalent on social media and in turn becoming powerful marketers for their team brand and ticket sales. Employees for companies are upping their social media presence too. There’s been a 191% growth in employee advocacy in the past 3 years on major social channels.

Client support programs are becoming a necessity as well. Social teams are being put together by companies to answer questions and respond to customer complaints on social channels. The digital marketing world is calling this ‘social listening.’Companies are also creating more user friendly communities based  around the industry not just the brand. These communities build an audience with factual, non-biased content, the brand is there in the background to influence, but not necessarily to directly persuade the audience to use their product or service over the other guy.


3 thoughts on “New Trends in Digital Marketing

  1. Thank goodness there are new trends up and coming and gaining popularity in this field- I need a job!
    But it is so exciting because it is constantly evolving, we have to keep on our toes!


  2. SEO and Social Media marketing seem to be more effective at this time. Even with email marketing becoming personalized I feel like most people aren’t even opening the emails from places they do not know or are not expecting direct communication from.


  3. It is amazing how much the digital landscape is evolving, and what is even more amazing to me is that we have developed technologies that are so smart and are able to sift through websites for SEO purposes and congregate similar posts together even without hashtags.


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