Daring the Danes

denmarkbirthrateIn 2013, when Denmark faced a 30 year low in their population growth rate, the country enlisted a daring marketing campaign to set it back on course. Denmark needed to increase its birth rate to have a larger younger generation to take care of the immense aging population.

Spies Rejser, a travel agency, started ‘Do It For Denmark!‘ to encourage Danes to travel to romantic destinations. In a clip from one of their ads below you can see that Danes have a lot more sex on holiday. Spies took advantage of this data to leverage their company for the greater good of Denmark’s future.


Spies even further encouraged couples to procreate by offering a legitimate prize of three years worth of Libera brand diapers for couples that successfully conceive on a vacation booked through them. All you have to do is mail in your positive pregnancy test! Not weird at all, right?

download (1)

What’s the strangest part about all this?… It’s working! Denmark posted a 1,200 increase in the number of babies born from 2014 to 2015. Just goes to show you, marketing can affect the welfare of an entire population and its growth. People just need a little motivation and a sweet vacation.


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