Cats have been used for advertising since the Ancient Egyptian times. But now more than ever, cats have become the cop-out for millennial attracting advertisements. When you can’t think of what your campaign is lacking, just add a nice calico, maybe even a meme.


Here’s a comprehensive video on the expansive world of catvertising by Canadian agency John St.

There’s even an agency solely dedicated to this cult form of advertising. BBDO Beijing dedicated part of it’s business to catvertising, appropriately naming it’s side-project “Miao, Meow, Mew & Mao.” With clients like M&M’s, Snickers, Bayer and Gillette, Miao, Meow, Mew & Mao have a social mission as well. Once one of their advertisements reaches over 100,000 views the agency makes a donation to Together For Animals in China. Cats are helping brands reach audiences while helping their fellow feline friends in the process. What am I doing with my life?



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